General Barn Repair

On farms, barns are used to house livestock such as cattle and horses as well as equipment, fodder, and grain. Agricultural buildings take their fair share of abuse over the years though, often requiring inevitable repairs. The sorts of barn repairs include replacing loose boards, restoring and refinishing existing planks and boards, repairing barn doors, and handling barn roofing repairs. These are all areas prone to overuse. Fortunately, once the old is out and replacement boards, doors, and roofing is put in, a barn is almost like new. In wood and metal barn repairs, there’s no one better.

The first step for Capital Barn Painting is taking an honest look, analyzing anything hazardous, questionable, or failing in the overall structure of your barn. From there, we offer a custom restoration or barn repair in collaboration with you, the owner, based on what you need and want. Using high-caliber barn repair materials and equipment, our barn repair technicians will work top to bottom replacing anything damaged, compromised or loosened. Some will look at their barn, see it in a state of disrepair, and think, “This can’t possibly be salvaged.” Have it assessed by an expert. You’d be surprised at how we can revitalize a barn’s structure and appearance, while respecting its history, function, location, size, and materials.


Do You Need Barn Repair in Southwestern Ontario?

Common barn problems include rotting floorboards, fading grading, stubborn barn doors, and more. There are a lot of reasons why a barn might need a repair. If it’s been neglected by previous owners or hasn’t been regularly maintained over the years, this can certainly cause problems. The climate in Ontario can also be very harsh, even with the right paint, protections, and materials applied. A lack of ventilation and pest infestations can also ruin a barn’s functionality. From roof repair to barn doors, boards repair, and more, our team are experts in maintenance and repair. Save your barn. Restore its structural integrity. Tackle eye-sores. Whatever you need for your building, Capital Barn Painting will be right there with you to help achieve it.