Barn Painting

In 1965 when my grandfather started this business he mostly worked out of a single cab pickup truck with a couple of ladders and a paint sprayer. The times have changed now we have multiple 55 foot Billjax lifts, wash machines, multiple airless spray machines, an air blaster, and a sand blaster, everything needed to complete a job of the highest quality.

Although times have changed and our company has grown we still have the same commitment to detail and customer satisfaction.

Using an airless paint sprayer for large projects is a must nowadays. The effectiveness of the airless paint sprayer over traditional brush and roller are enormous where application areas are large and extensive. The multiple functions that the sprayer can give you are wide-ranging. The use of a regular brush or roller can leave streaks on your surface area if not applied properly. The airless paint sprayer is better than both traditional methods, meaning that we can get the project done quickly and efficiently. And faster than you would expect.

The uniform application that the airless paint sprayer can produce is ideal with textured walls and all uneven surfaces. When operated by a professional the airless paint sprayer will provide the most even layers of paint application possible. The airless paint sprayer uses a hose method to push the paint through the nozzle instead of compression.

This prevents the overspray which many paint machines have. We can control the flow of spray so it stays where we intend it. We also frequently use dry fall paint in areas where overspray could be an issue.


Your Painting Experts

One of our best selling tint base paints is Pit-Tech by P.P.G. Otis specially formulated for exterior of buildings. P.P.G. tinting bases contain Anti-fade technology to protect colour pigment from damage for truly long lasting colour and beautiful results. Pit-Tech paint offers superior adhesion to most surfaces for a durable long lasting finish.